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Due this Fall Season, ⋆
Noah Alexander; you're perfect in all that you are, because you're mine. ♥
Born November 1, 2013.

Ask away
Mommy ♀
Daddy ♂
It’s been so long!

Life’s crazy, having had my son! I won’t say no time, because I’ve got a lot of time, but no drive or desire to jump on tumblr during his naps to update you guys- sorry! I’ll try harder from now on!

I’ve yet to tell my birthing story (that’ll be started promptly after this post… and after I bake my cookies! xo) and I’ve just been tired. Not that I don’t sleep, because not to brag, but Noah has been sleeping through the night since he was a month old… he sleeps until anywhere from 11 am to 2 pm… but he does stay up a little longer than most- he goes to sleep around 1030 or 11, usually… but sometimes not until 12. Not too big of a deal- he’s on my schedule!

So, that’s really all. I’ve been trying to update my house piece by piece. Been taking awhile. Still yet to paint the baby room that got finished while I was in the hospital having Noah! Agh. But none the less, life is good! :)

I’ll try to update you guys more often (if anyone still cares) and if not for you, for me!

-s&n, x.

Anonymous asked: since when are people "put under" for C-sections? Last I heard they have to be conscious?

I saw this and I have NO idea where you got the idea that people had to be put under? No, they often aren’t put under, but in fact sometimes they are. It depends, really, and doesn’t happen often. Personally I was just pumped full of freezing drugs and given oxygen.

Noah Alexander; November 1, 2013.

I’m so in love with his perfect face. He looks just like his daddy…

I might post pictures of him at a later date, after changing my URL. Not sure yet.

I plan on telling my birthing story soon, probably once I get out of the hospital I’ll try to do it.

So tired. Physically, mentally, emotionally drained from the last 2 days. I can’t wait to be home in my own bed feeling normal!

Been awhile!

Doing renos, building Noah’s bedroom, and trying not to pop in the process!

Only 4 more days until his due date, and we’re definitely getting close.

Went to the doctors the other day and found I was 2 cm dialated, and she offered to try to strip my membranes but I was very uncomfortable and not ready for that… very nervous and overwhelmed lately.

Lots of people wanting to meet our little bundle, seemingly before we even have time to…

Definitely ready to get back into my own body and feel like myself again; also to squish my little love bug.

Things are progressing, anyway… minor cramping for days now, feels like we might be getting close.

Extremely reduced movement, but Dr. Morgan says his reactivity is good, and so she isn’t worried, so neither am I.

He’s moving right now, though… annnd suddenly I have to pee.

Very nervous about my water breaking while out in public! Hoping that I’ll know to get to the hospital before that, but I haven’t any clue when we should head down there or anything. Feeling very sick lately. ;(

Anyway, likely in the next week or so we’ll have our little boy, and it’ll be over, and things will be different, but good. Time to start working out and getting back to me, because I feel disgustingly huge, and I don’t like it. :(

Positive vibes, and healthy babies; that’s all I need right now! <3

-s, x.

Ps. Next maternity appointment is on Wednesday, and we’re due Thursday, so if we make it to that appointment with no baby, we’ll probably get stripped to try to move things along, unless she thinks for any reason that we shouldn’t. (not excited!)